Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer series!

Hey all!  I've been gone a long time because of busy life and out-of-townness.  I am now back for the rest of the summer, and once I get a handle on my summer finances, I'll start cranking out some tasty summer brews, particularly some lighter, refreshing ones.  Here are the ones I've got in mind as of now:
  • Belgo-Moroccan Wit: a beer that I've been planning for a while!  Traditional Belgian witbier with Ras-el-hanout Morocc an spice blend [which I'm still looking for...may have to buckle down and make my own if I can't find it in a store]
  • Hoppy American Wheat: a nice refreshing American "lawnmower" beer infused with citra hops
  • Saison[s]: Not fully decided on exactly what I want to do with this one, but I think I want to do a session/table saison with traditional ingredients, or maybe I'll do one a little stronger [5-6% abv] to have a nice dinnertime sipping beer
  • Christmas ales: I'm trying to decide if I want to do something a little different this year, but I'm feeling pretty set on a rebrew of the Père Noël de Bruxelles, because that was far and away the most popular of this past season.  I think it'll be great to do last year's method of brewing the Christmas ale[s] in the summer and letting them mellow out over time.  The Figgy Pudding Ale was a success as well, but I'm more inclined to just brew the Belgian and enjoy the few remaining Figgy Pudding bottles with a full year of age on them!
Other than these, I've got an IIPA/American Barleywineish thing that needs to have some dry-hopping and then go into bottles, but I've also got an "American Bitter" and my accidentally-brett'd smoked amber ale that was actually pretty tasty the last time I tried it.  Anyway, there will be some great beers on tap here in Jersey this summer, and I will definitely be hosting some parties to distribute delicious brew to the masses!  HINT: if the tip jar is full at the end of the first shindig, that means more parties and more brews over the summer!  Make it happen, friends!  I want to brew lots and have lots of people drink my beer!

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