Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JuniorSenior RyePA Returns!

Brewed up one of my favorite AG recipes this week, my delicious JuniorSenior rye pale ale, which I first brewed back in July of 2010.  Brewing went really well, and the only real difference in the recipe this time was that I used some whole hops from fresHops.com, and the new Rebel Brewer Pub Ale strain from White Labs.  Brewing went really well, the wort tasted absolutely delicious, and better still, I established a compost set up that made for some really easy and stress-free cleaning of my mash tun.

The recipe is a totally original bit-o-this, bit-o-that, quintessentially homebrewerish kitchen sink recipe that I crafted on the train from Boston back from Andover.  Rather romantic, I suppose.  Here's how it stacks up [5.5 gallons]:

Target OG: 1.052
Target FG: 1.013
Target IBU: ~40

6 lbs American pale malt
2 lbs Rye malt
1 lb wheat malt
1 lb Crystal 60°L
8 oz Aromatic malt

1 oz. Amarillo [10.8%AA]@60
1 oz. Amarillo @5
1 oz. Amarillo @1
1 oz. Amarillo, dry-hopped for 12-14 days.

WLP250 Rebel Brewer American Pub Ale Yeast [woohoo!]

Yay composting!
One of the best things about brew day was that I didn't dread/avoid cleaning my mash tun, thanks to a decent shovel and a new composting set up that I fashioned from a trash can.  It's so great to just be able to scoop up the grain with no messiness, and it's green!  Furthermore, it will make amazing fertilizer for my hop plants this summer.  Circle of life...make-a-the-world-go-round.

Get ready for next week, when I start brewing some Irish beers to stock up for St. Patrick's Day.

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