Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Friar Tuck is in the keg!

Hi there brewfans! Today I did a major cleaning of my kegerator and kegged my "Belgian mild." FG came out around 1.009, so we'll have a nicely dry, drinkable Belgian session ale that comes out just under 4% abv. The flavor is really nice (I'll give some tasting notes once it is carbonated and flowing from the tap). Additionally, with the low abv, you can basically drink this beer all day long without losing your mind. Should be carbonated and ready in a day or two, so if you find yourself in or near central NJ, come and enjoy a pint with me! I will be brewing up another batch soon, and while I originally planned a Belgian IPA, I'm going back and forth on what I really want next. More updates on that to come.


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