Saturday, August 14, 2010

They love it!

Just got my scoresheets back from Sam Adams for my Longshot entry today! Although I did not advance to the semi-finals or finals, the judges at Sam Adams scored my BowThai Ale in the "Excellent" category, just a small step below "World Class" and even above "Very Good." The high scoring points on this beer were the flavor, which scored an 18/20; and mouthfeel, which scored a 5/5. In the "Overall Impression" category, I was given a 9/10 by one judge and an 8/10 by the other, which is truly awesome. Some feedback I got was that is was a "very balanced beer" with "just enough warmth from the cayenne" and "good hop flavor that balances out the Thai ingredients, which work surprisingly well with the beer." Needless to say, I am super happy with this even though I didn't advance. I am also super happy that I get to actually drink the three bottles they made me save for them! The feedback was great and I now have a full year to formulate next year's perfect recipe. I'm still in disbelief that this was only my fourth batch of beer ever! This gives me so much inspiration to keep brewing and expand on the awesomeness!


The Happy Brewmaster

PS the Hot Chocolate Cream Stout is still in secondary, but will go in the keg in a few days and be jealously guarded until it's time to try it out in the wintertime :)

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