Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Things St. Botolph's Town - Review

Well, due to some kinks in the works of UHaul, I am currently stuck in Massachusetts...with no more homebrew (Egads!).  I decided that I had to make the most of it and enjoy a beer from one of my favorite up-and-coming NE breweries, Pretty Things of Cambridge, MA.  They really impressed Dad and me at ACBF last year with their Jack D'Or and Baby Tree, and I decided to check out St. Botolph's Town (which I wanted to try at ACBF but that Pretty Things had run out of by then!).  Here goes:

Appearance: Poured from a bomber into Dad's prohibition-era glass beer mug.  Gorgeous off-white head that has a very creamy quality, dissipates slowly, and leaves nice lacing on the side of the glass.  Dark brown color with subtle garnet hues.

Aroma: Very earthy, with beautiful caramel/toffee notes and light sweetness

Flavor: Wonderful sweetness with rich toffee, and coffee/chocolate mild roastiness in the background.  Brown sugar notes throughout the taste, with a surprising amount of pleasing bitterness on the finish. 

Mouthfeel:  Medium carbonation and lovely smooth, rich body

Overall: Probably the best brown ale I have ever had.  I want to brew something like this.  Pretty Things, any chance I could get some hints on the recipe/specs?  Such depth and complexity that could be enjoyed any time of the year, and could go really well with food.  Almost reminds me of a brown porter...and some of the better milds I've had, honestly.  At 5.9% I'd almost classify it as an imperial mild.  Absolutely delicious.

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  1. I agree with your overall impression of this beer - I absolutely love it. I haven't tried their other beers yet, but this reminds me that I well as pick up another bomber of St. Botolph's!

    Enjoy your time in MA.