Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting for Adams, my SMaSH bitter...

...and getting a little impatient.  The beer is ready to drink, but because my kegerator and C02 tank are still at my parents' house in MA, it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer.  My recent car woes (I am currently without one, as I was in a doozy of an accident last week) have been keeping me from going back to MA to retrieve my equipment.  It's so frustrating, because I know this is going to be a good beer, not to mention the fact that in my super busy life, I have really been wanting to just curl up with a nice pint of bitter when I get home at night.  Oh well, I'll be able to soon enough.  I was going to naturally carbonate this one, but depending on when I can retrieve my kegerator and C02 tank, I may just force carb it.  Oh well, things have been really busy anyway.  Honestly, I haven't even had a free day on which to get my second batch of the fall season going.  Depending on the weather, I'm still leaning towards either a Steam Beer or some sort of Autumnal (maybe pumpkin, maybe a little spiced) Farmhouse Ale/Saison.  If I do the saison, I'll just do the steam beer afterwards.  Soon soon soon!  Westminster buddies, get ready for a delicious Jeff homebrew experience!

It's sad, I am so decidedly out of homebrew that I had to use a stock photo for this blog entry...sheesh, haven't been in this position in months.  The drawbacks of moving, I suppose.

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