Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rustic Whole Wheat Bread

So during this summer I really enjoyed making bread from this recipe.  It tasted great and was really easy (also didn't take up a lot of active time).  I decided to do a whole wheat adaptation of the recipe, one because it's healthier and two because if this variation on the recipe works, then I'll be able to do loads of other good ones.  Since I already had an easy bread recipe that yielded fantastic results, I was feeling pretty good about this one.  I even forgot to do the steam pan underneath the bread in the oven and it still came out marvelously.  I seriously think that this whole wheat bread could win over all sorts of white bread eaters.  Honestly, it is so light and fluffy and delicious, you could hardly tell that it's supposed to be a healthy version of something.  All that resulted was a wonderful, crusty loaf of bread with great flavor.  I'm definitely going to continue having this bread recipe as part of my routine, and I will continue to do other variations as I see fit.  I'm feeling pretty good about this whole wheat version, though...should be great for all sorts of occasions.

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