Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The rhizomes are in!!!

The hop rhizomes that I ordered are in!!! I have one Nugget rhizome and one Sterling rhizome. The Nugget rhizome is a high-alpha hop, which means that it will be used mostly for bittering. The Sterling is a Saaz hybrid that will have a Czech Pilsener/German Noble Hop character to it. Should be wonderful in lots of different kinds of brews. I will likely be planting this weekend :). This will probably mean lots of updates, as hops vines grow and change rather quickly. I can't wait to get this project going!

My friend and comrade, Peter Konjoian, will be my guru for hop growing and will hopefully be bequeathing me with some Fuggle, Goldings, and Cascade hops. Fuggle and Goldings are English varieties that are absolutely delicious in English-style pale ales, bitters, brown ales, and stouts/porters. Cascade hops are a really popular American variety that will be primo for American pale ales, IPAs, ambers, and whatever else I can think of! So excited.

Now, I'll have to get working on my plot...soil nutrition and sunlight will be really important along with a place for the beautiful vines to climb and grow! I will be looking to set up some sort of trellis system for them, and that will be a project that I will look into rather soon.

Witbier should be ready to drink soon! I am so excited.

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