Monday, July 19, 2010

Back on track

Hey folks!

I wanted to give people this weekend's updates, as we had a couple of exciting events that got the brewery fully back and running again. First off, the hop trellises are fully finished and the beautiful vines are now growing up the well-strung lines of sisal. Also, I re-brewed my English Mild that I so tragically lost just over a week ago. OG was up from last time, which means that our efficiency is getting better, and the stuff is already looking great and bubbling away in my air conditioned room. It is happily fermenting side by side with the RyePA, and they will be released consecutively in the coming weeks. As soon as those guys go into kegs, I will be looking to brew my winter Hot Chocolate Imperial Stout. I've been formulating the recipe, and I'm really excited to brew it as it should be lots of fun. It will, of course, be even more fun to actually drink it this winter.

And now...PICTURES!!!

My beauties side by side

Sweet homemade trellises

Lil' guys growin' up the guy lines

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