Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Focusing on the positive

Okay, let me start by saying that this past Thursday, I brewed up the JuniorSenior Drye-hopped RyePA and it went rather well. The beer is chugging away in my air-conditioned room and should be excellent after a little secondary and dry-hopping. I sincerely cannot wait to try it and it should be wonderful. Unfortunately, that won't be for probably another three weeks. Now for the bad news...

RIP English Mild. Yesterday afternoon, I tapped the stuff on my corney kegerator system. It was delicious. A truly nutty, toasty, most definitely chocolatey beer begged my palate to taste more, and it being of lower gravity it was still delicate and refreshing. I was so excited about it...my first all-grain batch, and another delectable original recipe. I poured myself a half pint, tasted it happily, then drew a full pint off the tap and went upstairs for about twenty minutes to drink it. When I came back down for a third glass, the worst possible sight met my eyes. There was beer all over the floor. I opened up the fridge and beer flooded out. Basically, the "beer out" tube had become detached from the back of the tap inside the tap tower, and the beer had just shot out (since it was under pressure) all over everything. What a travesty it was to lose a whole batch of beer in such a way :(

I'm thinking that I may just brew another batch of English Mild and try to transfer the RyePA to secondary a bit early...if I force carbonate it, the mild could be ready to drink within about a week. It was a cheap recipe, too. That's what I think I might do with it. Anyway, I'm trying to stay on the positive and keep plugging away.

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