Monday, July 26, 2010

Two in the keg, one in the carboy

Hey readers, today I have managed three major projects in the brewing department, so as of tonight, 1. The English Mild is in the keg 2. The RyePA is in the keg and 3. This winter's Hot Chocolate Stout is brewed and the yeast pitched! The stout will be wonderful. I refuse to disclose the full recipe, but here are some highlights:

-A pound and a half of chocolate
-Cayenne pepper
-Enough alcohol content to warm those winter chills away
-A touch of cinnamon
-A freakin pound and a half of chocolate!
-Oatmeal for extra creaminess
-Lactose, an unfermentable milk sugar to give some residual sweetness
-A full pot of coffee

I can't wait to enjoy this beer. I will have finished my fall semester final exams and this baby will be amazingly aged and conditioned. Gosh darned liquid gold. And my kitchen smells like brownies :)


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