Sunday, June 12, 2011

Andover and a Thank You

For my 100th post, I would like to give a huge shoutout to my '06 Andover classmates.  It has been amazing to see you all this weekend, and I think that those of you who have sat through my many stories/musings about beer and brewing deserve a special shoutout.  I hope that when we see each other next, I'll be able to share a homebrew with you.  GO BLUE!

I also want to give a big shoutout and thanks to everyone that has put up with my beer rambling and supported my passion over the past year and a half: to my parents, who first supported my hobby and gave me a place to get started; to Claire Merlet, who has had to listen to more beer rambling than anyone else and who has helped me more with the process (particularly cleaning!) than anyone else; to Matt Clark, who so graciously offered up his apartment space for my brewing; to John Ballard and David Sugue, who are wonderful brewing colleagues; to Peter Konjoian, who got me into hop gardening (they're already shooting up this season!); to Victor Clarke and Ben Tieslau, who helped me out on one brew day and both show the foundations of great future homebrewers; and finally to Rebel Brewer, Jasper's Homebrew Supply, All Seasons, and Beer and Wine Hobby, who have all given me invaluable advice and helped to fuel my passion with a seemingly endless supply of wonderful ingredients and equipment; to all of you I say thank you, and prost!

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