Monday, June 27, 2011


This is the result of a nice healthy volume of yeast, a wort with lots of happy sugars to be eaten, and excellent aeration.  Vigorous fermentation has been going on since yesterday, only about an hour after I racked the wort onto the yeast cake!  For those of you who are disturbed or grossed out by this picture, let me explain what you are seeing here (from the bottom up):

On the very bottom is some yeast sediment, as well as some trub (coagulated proteins and hop particles).

The dark stuff is beer (obviously)

The weird textured layer between the dark beer and the top layer of foam is comprised of the apricots.  Delicious!

The top layer is the kräusen, or head of foam on top of the beer caused by fermentation.  It looks "dirty" because of hop particulate and a small amount of brown protein "scum" that is coagulated during fermentation.

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