Monday, January 31, 2011

Brew Day!

Hey readers! Yesterday was truly a glorious day, as I brewed up a new batch of beer for the first time since August, and with a few equipment improvements. First off, the gracious Matthew Clark's stove is still not working, so I ended up doing my whole batch with my new turkey fryer...and it was great. My new digital probe thermometer told me when the temp was right, and the turkey fryer got the water and wort to the right temps so dang fast! My 170° strike water was ready in less than ten minutes, and my full 6-7 gallon boil of the wort came to a boil almost as fast. The cooler mash tun held the temps great, and the bazooka screen acted as a perfect filter. My runoff went totally smoothly, and my efficiency was around 67%, which is low-ish but not bad for my first time with new equipment.

And now pictures!

My new propane turkey fryer setup

Probe thermometer=excellent temperature monitoring

Claire stirring the grain and strike water with a mash paddle to break up the clumps

A closeup of the beautiful grain

A blanket helps to insulate the mash tun

Collecting the first runnings. You can already see the beer's nice, nutty brown color.

A healthy, foamy krausen forming on the beer (taken today by Herr Clark)

Review and Tasting Notes 4/3/11

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