Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outlook (because I can't stop thinking about beer)

1. Weizenbock (7% ABV) - 2 weeks in primary, 1 week in secondary, bottle conditioning for 2-3 weeks.
2. Session stout (Irish Dry Stout) (3.8% ABV) - 4-6 days in primary, 1 week in secondary to clear, bottle conditioning for ~1 week, to be enjoyed immediately; fermented with a clean, dry yeast
3. BowThai Ale adapted for all-grain! (see earlier entries) (6.2% ABV) - 2 weeks primary, 1 week secondary, 1 week bottle conditioning, drank fresh but hopefully savored for a while! fermented with yeast cake from Session Stout
4. West Coast Red Ale (a bigger, hoppier American Amber) (6.7% ABV) - 1-2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary with dry-hopping, bottle conditioned 1-2 weeks, drunk fresh; possibly fermented with yeast cake from BowThai ale
5. Belgian Pale Ale and Saison TBD! Perhaps even an AG adaptation of Sunny's Ginger Wit. And definitely more session beers!

I also received an insider's tip via to check out Rebel Brewer in Goodlettsville. Gotta check it out soon!

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