Monday, January 31, 2011

Next few brews--fully planned!

Thought I'd give my current detailed game plan on the next month or so of brewing, since the Weizenbock started its fermentation yesterday and I am already looking ahead:

2/12/11 Rack Der Winterweizen to secondary fermenter, brew Limerick Session Stout, a traditional Irish dry stout with nice roasty cocoa and coffee tones, with a decidedly crisp clean finish and ABV below 4%...delicious stuff that can be enjoyed without going off the deep end ;)

2/19/11 Bottle Der Winterweizen, rack Limerick Session Stout to secondary for clearing, and brew a small 2 gallon batch of Hogsmeade Mild Ale; a toasty-nutty, somewhat sweet, sessionable English-style brown ale also with an ABV below 4%, which means a lot of great beer without breaking the bank.

2/26/11 Bottle Limerick Session Stout and Hogsmeade Mild Ale, brew all-grain adaptation of the fabled BowThai Ale, ferment it with the yeast cake from the Limerick Session Stout and leave to ferment over spring break

3/5/11 Spring break. Start enjoying stout and mild, and see if Der Winterweizen is ready.

After spring break see what the bottle situation is...

St. Patrick's Day drink stout.

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