Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get ready for it...

Hey readers! I have exciting news. Yesterday, I made my first visit to the Nashville homebrew store, called All Seasons. I successfully picked up ingredients for my next batch of beer, to be brewed within the next week or so! With the gracious hospitality of my good friend, Matthew Warren Clark, I now have a home for my brewing. Turns out, he has a perfect closet for storage of equipment and fermenting of delicious ales! So, in addition to the stuff for my first batch, I also got some equipment so that I can mash in a slightly easier, cleaner way. If you are at all curious about my new mashing setup, there is a link describing it here.

What is my first Nashville batch, you ask? Well, I thought that since the next category of brew that I was going to review was German wheat and rye beer, I should brew a wheat beer. The beer that I will brew is a Weizenbock, a dark, malty wheat beer with nice dark fruit and spice tones but with a cocoa-like character that differentiates it from Hefeweizen and Dunkelweizen. I am very excited about this guy. My recipe is a combination of Papazian and Zainasheff inspiration, weighing in at about 7% abv with lots of fruit, spice, and cocoa deliciousness. Fourteen pounds of delicious grain, two ounces of delicious hops, and Weihenstephaner Weizen yeast await me now.

The name? Der Winterweizen, in honor of the season and Franz Schubert.

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